Our Students

Our mission is to provide education that inspires, nurtures and develops young women and men to be leaders in their communities, in Ethiopia and beyond. The fruit of this mission is the development of young students who have a locally robust and globally connected mindset.

Prospective Students

Student Recruitment Policy

Students at the International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia are among the most academically gifted in the country, chosen for their leadership potential from among the top 5 percent of their class in urban, rural, expatriate, business and civic communities. Our mission is dedicated to the development of young students who have a locally robust and globally connected mindset. This requires us to pursue excellence while being intentional and clear in our recruitment practices. As of the 2015-16 school year,ILAE has given full scholarship to more than 75 students.

Recruitment Practices

  • ILAE recruits primarily from underserved low income background.

  • Feeder school – currently ILAE works very closely with 12 feeder schools with ten of these schools are public/government owned school. We have established cordial and close working relationship with all feeder school ensuring transparency and clarity of recruitment practices.

  • Assessment and examinations – In April of each academic year we conduct entrance examinations of candidates.

  • Remedial Preparatory Classes – these are classes designed to work on the findings of the assessments and examinations usually conducted in April of the academic year. During these classes both the school and the candidates benefit greatly. The candidates get to see how the school is run and what the expectations are. The school has an opportunity to help candidates elevate their level and provide the necessary acculturation.


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The International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia provides exceptional services to highly talented students and youth with special needs. ILAE is part of IKON Education Institute, a tax exempt, non profit organization registered in Washington State, USA.