Hisabu Hadgu

Advisor Special Education Department

Hisabu is dedicated to raising awareness of special needs in the Ethiopian societies and teaching parents on how to help their children to achieve different areas of skills through writing books in their mother tongue.

Hisabu is a licensed-clinical psychologist. He was born in Adigrat City. Following his interest, developed by the works of different classic philosophers, he studied Psychology at Addis Ababa University and specialized in Clinical Psychology. Through his professional path, he worked as therapy supervisor, a graduate practitioner in Child Psychiatry, a Private Consultant and Therapist, a graduate assistant teacher and a senior essay advisor. He is also the co-founder and clinical director of “Abrhot Psychological Services.” Hisabu envisions himself to further advance his professional career in Neuropsychology and contribute to the development of special needs education and intervention in Ethiopia.


PO Box 20034
Seattle, WA 98102 USA
+1 206-682-2125



The International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia provides exceptional services to highly talented students and youth with special needs. ILAE is part of IKON Education Institute, a tax exempt, non profit organization registered in Washington State, USA.