Ellen Taussig

Executive Director

A visionary educator

Ellen Taussig has been a professional educator for over 45 years. After she received her Master’s in teaching degree from Yale University, she launched her career as a teacher in California in 1970 and then continued it in both public and private education in Seattle, Washington. In 1980, together with two colleagues, she co-founded a college preparatory school for grades 6-12 in Seattle, The Northwest School. She was its Head of School for 20 years. Today The Northwest School is a thriving institution of 510 students which accepts one out of six applicants, with a stellar record of college admissions to the most selective colleges across the United States and abroad. Our alumni are represented in most professional fields, including successful technology entrepreneurs.

Ellen has been the founding Executive Director of ILAE, starting her work in 2007 and launching the school in 2013. Today she continues her role, working closely with the Board of Directors. ILAE has successfully modeled its programs after those of The Northwest School and is working towards developing a common curriculum with it.

Ms. Taussig is active in civic groups, currently on the Boards of Capitol Hill Housing Foundation, University of Washington Bothell Principal training program, among others.


PO Box 20034
Seattle, WA 98102 USA
+1 206-682-2125



The International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia provides exceptional services to highly talented students and youth with special needs. ILAE is part of IKON Education Institute, a tax exempt, non profit organization registered in Washington State, USA.