Daniel Tarekegn

Founding Board Member

Daniel, an Ethiopian American, is a Senior Production Manager at Amazon.

Daniel joined ILAE to fulfill the School’s mission of “bridging the gap between potential and possibility” which resonated with his upbringing in Ethiopia. As a founding Board Member, he has been involved the last 8 years in increasing awareness of ILAE in the Ethiopian community, building partnerships with similar non-profits and tech companies including Microsoft.

Daniel is a passionate leader with deep experience building products and businesses, including 5 years of Product Management & Strategy roles at Amazon and Microsoft in Seattle. He started his career as part of AT&T’s Leadership Development Program and discovered his passion for management and learned how technology has connected our world, upon which he decided to join Microsoft Learning to provide digital curriculum and certifications for fundamental technology skills for Global Impact. This endeavor brought him to the founders of ILAE and decided to join them to advance their goal of social responsibility and international leadership in Ethiopia. He lives in San Francisco Bay Area, where he is currently a Senior Manager at eBay – helping create a Connected Commerce of economic opportunity for all. Daniel is an Management Leadership for Tomorrow Fellow actively involved in empowering a new generation of diverse leaders in Silicon Valley. He has a B.S. from UCLA in Math/Econ and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.


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The International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia provides exceptional services to highly talented students and youth with special needs. ILAE is part of IKON Education Institute, a tax exempt, non profit organization registered in Washington State, USA.