ILAE Leadership

Board Profiles

  • Haddis Tadesse
    Haddis Tadesse

    Multinational experience shaping public policy in developing countries

  • Jim Miller
    Jim Miller

    Expertise in Information and Communications Technology

  • Daniel Tarekegn
    Daniel Tarekegn
    Founding Board Member

    Daniel, an Ethiopian American, is a Senior Production Manager at Amazon.

Executive Director’s Message

Staff & Faculty Directory

  • Panos Hatziandreas
    Panos Hatziandreas
    Head of School, Country Representative

    A multiculturally competent clinician, educational administrator, inspirational tenured college professor, and pragmatic consultant with more than 25 years of professional experience.

  • Ezra M. Nigussie
    Ezra M. Nigussie
    Assistant Head of School, Economics and Business Education Teacher

    Experience working in multiple industries including economic development, education, and insurance/finance.

  • Michael Alemayehu
    Michael Alemayehu
    Amharic Language Instructor

    Michael is a folklorist and journalist.

  • Hamere Tadesse
    Hamere Tadesse
    Special Education Instructor

    A behavioral specialist and a green environment advocate

  • Hisabu Hadgu
    Hisabu Hadgu
    Advisor Special Education Department

    Hisabu is dedicated to raising awareness of special needs in the Ethiopian societies and teaching parents on how to help their children to achieve different areas of skills through writing books in their mother tongue.

  • Seife Temam
    Seife Temam
    Office Manager and ICT Instructor

    A technology enthusiast and practitioner with a passion for art, education, and community services

  • Dereselign Hailu
    Dereselign Hailu
    English Language Instructor

    Falling in love with the English Language, Dereselign has dedicated his life to teaching, writing, editing and publishing the language by motivating his students to use it as a leap forward to bringing out the best in them.

  • Melese Negussie Mekonnen
    Melese Negussie Mekonnen
    Geography Instructor and Exam Coordinator

    Melese believes there is an internal landscape and a geography of the soul we search for its outlines all our lives as it is our destiny.

  • Kibur Adera Ejigu
    Kibur Adera Ejigu
    Civics and History Instructor

    Kibur’s passion in being a teacher is to see a democratic leadership in Africa by Africans who are educated to be objective, ask the right questions and think critically.

  • Masresha Girma
    Masresha Girma
    Chemistry Instructor

    A passionate educator in Chemistry and a great interest in Ethiopian culture and history.

  • Loul Tamene
    Loul Tamene
    Ge’ez Instructor and Coptic Church Language Studies Expert

    An expert in the ancient Ethiopian Language of Ge’ez studies and the philosophy of the Ge’ez persuasion

  • Dawit Endale Alemayehu
    Dawit Endale Alemayehu
    STEM Program Advisor

    Success in introducing course integrated learning, and the use of classroom technology to improve understanding of the sciences and problem solving ability for students.

  • Teshome Dawit
    Teshome Dawit
    Biology Instructor, Social Community Organizer and Botanist

    Social community organizer and botanist

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In order to fulfill our promise of an education that is “Locally robust and globally connected” ILAE employs people with vast local and global experience. International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia looks for faculty and staff with strong passion for education and desire to positively and meaningfully shape and influence the future. If you think ILAE is the right fit for you please email us your CV or drop it at our campus.

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The International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia provides exceptional services to highly talented students and youth with special needs. ILAE is part of IKON Education Institute, a tax exempt, non profit organization registered in Washington State, USA.