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International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia (ILAE) is a not-for-profit secondary educational institution founded in 2013, with its school currently located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

At ILAE, we believe in an education system that helps students be eclectic and well informed leaders of tomorrow. To achieve this, ILAE has designed an operating model that helps bridge the gap between potential and access.

This starts from recruitment of new students into the school where a rigorous assessment and learning takes place for potential candidates (these candidates come from underserved urban and rural areas). This ILAE experience is followed with intensive English language literacy training program, and then capped with a unique summer school program where students explore the world of geopolitics/model UN, African Studies, Theory of Knowledge, Theatre, and Intercultural Studies. By the time a student has been given notice of a full scholarship admission they are ready for what we call the ‘ILAEite’ journey. ILAE is committed to ensuring the school is rooted in the community with robust local education that is globally connected.

Upon graduation, our students will be prime candidates for enrollment in and scholarships to the world’s top universities. Their experience at ILAE will prepare them for a lifetime of social responsibility and international leadership.

ILAE currently serves 105 students from grades 9 to 12, in addition to its very first inclusive special education program in the country.

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The International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia provides exceptional services to highly talented students and youth with special needs. ILAE is part of IKON Education Institute, a tax exempt, non profit organization registered in Washington State, USA.