Celebrating Neural Diversity

Celebrating Neural Diversity

On April 27, 2016 ILAE’s Special Education Department organized an event to Celebrate Neural Diversity Day.  Neural Diversity Day advocates that diverse neurological conditions are authentic forms of human diversity and self-expression. The Special Ed team educated students, the community and guests on the idea that humans are different in how we process and assimilate information. HisabuHadgu, Special ED Director illustrated this concept by providing neural exercises that dealt with sensory, memory, and information assimilation. The event also highlighted a short excerpt from the documentary film “Beautiful Minds.” ILAE students showcased the game “Twister” – Ethiopian style.  Lyrics to “Twister” were translated in Amharic by Feven and Nehimya who also dubbed their own voices accompanied with instrumental music created by Adugna and Tsegab. To conclude the event, Panos, the Head of School made remarks on the benefits of inclusion and three students – Mekdes, Fiseha, and Fevenwere – recognized for their exceptional community service as volunteers in the Special Ed program.


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