A Lecture Series at ILAE

A Lecture Series at ILAE

At the entrance, we were greeted by Ezra Negussie, Assistant Head of School. Professor Andreas Eshete silently uttered “Wow”. Professor Dagmawi Wubshet had an affirmative smile on his face.

Fiseha T/Michael, an 11th grader declared “Kift New Berachin!”  -“ክፍትነውበራችን – Our door is open”. He proudly walked down the middle reciting his poem; students assisted periodically chanting  ክፍትነውበራችን !

Our distinguished guests were greeted in Ge’ez, English and Amharic to the therapeutic aroma of Ariti.

The Book Club explored the Harlem Renaissance; proudly introducing great African American thinkers Langston Hughes, Zora Neal Hurston, Ralph Ellison, and W.E. B. Dubious. They  concluded with a skit written by Julia Samuel, a 10th grader, called Wanjero – a fusion of Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use”, and Langston Hughes’  “Feet Live Their Own Life” – It explored the deep quest for the African American identity during that time in Harlem.

The ‘Course Integration group’ performed another skit – “A Typical Class”. The “teacher”, Bereket, welcomed us to his ‘Civics class’ and announced the theme – “Transformation”. Students began discussing ‘Transformation’ from a biology, physics, history, Amharic, and other perspectives. We wondered, “What does all this have to do with civics!?” – until the skit ended when Nejat Bashir, the  11th grader concluded, “What makes us unique is that we do course-integration; a practice of exploring themes from various perspectives – For example in civics, we can use ‘transformation’ to illustrate how lack of justice leads to war, which leads to poverty, which leads to migration”.

The Model United Nations Club was no less impressive. All twelve members lined up and presented a poem called “AFRICA” written by Theobista Debalke. They deliveredthis poem in back-and-forth rap like rendition of passion and vigor.

Rich discourse with our guests followed exploring the viability of Ethiopia’s ethnic federalist system, the good life, and education in Ethiopia, relationship of Ethiopians with African Americans, and the state of race relations in America.  Our distinguished guests existed and the standing ovation sent waves …

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